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DBV-Technologies: pioneering a simpler way to beat allergies

In an age of incredibly advanced technology, it’s good to see that the best ideas are often still the simplest ones. Enter DBV-Technologies ( and their anti-allergy Viaskin® patch!

Treating Cow’s Milk Protein allergy
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It’s estimated that there are anything up to half a billion people across the world who suffer from some kind of allergy. The most notorious allergies are probably peanut and house dust mite allergies, but there are many others – oysters, crab, certain fish, cow’s milk protein – the list goes on and on.

DBV-Technologies have concentrated their efforts on just some of these, developing a very different kind of allergy treatment. Known as the Viaskin® patch, this adhesive patch is worn on the allergy-sufferers’ skin and may be removed at any time. It works by introducing very small quantities of the problem allergen to the body’s immune system through the skin. A special hydrating layer facilitates this process. This method is especially suited to children, as it’s totally painless. For this reason, a specific cow’s milk protein patch has been one of the patches developed, as this condition affects up to 3% of children in certain regions.