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Airgetintouch – your first stop for finding aviation industry partners! as its name suggests, is an internet site that makes it easier for businesses working in the aviation and space industries to identify and link up with suitable partner companies. These partnerships could take the form of simple supplier-buyer relationships, or they could be part of a more complex set of interactions like a business cluster.

Satellite services are another field dealt with on airgetintouch’s online platform

Individual specializations abound in this vast field. As a result, the website is split into sections for each significant area of expertise. So, if you’re interested particularly in the aerospace industry, click here and browse the different sectors featured: space applications, components, time and radio frequency etc. Even highly specialized industries like satellite applications services providers are featured (see below). On these pages you’ll find listed the companies that provide the services in question, and if you click on the firm’s name, you’ll open up another page of useful information. However, you must be a registered user on the site to benefit from access to the complete company dossier, an analysis of the firm and full contact details.